Repair service

In a return for a device is necessary for repairing purposes, please fill out the  "Health and safety clearance form" and send it back to together with the purified and sterilized device.


Health and safety clearance form for Repair

Please download the form and fill it out. Then there are three options to send the completed form to us:

1. To save the completed document with File -> Save As (Adobe Acrobat Reader) and send it as an attachment to:

2. Print out the completed document and send it to us together with the unit to the following address:
witeg Labortechnik GmbH
Hüttenweg 3
97877 Wertheim-Bestenheid

3. Print out the completed document and send it via fax:
+49 9342 / 9301-77


If you have opened the form in your browser, the printing and sending feature is deactivated. To use these features, please save the PDF file locally on your computer.