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Volumetric flask 100 ml - 3 664 011 USP
Volumetric flask 100 ml

Volumetric flask, 100 ml, class A, conformity certified, ST14/23, PE-stopper, Diffico brown, acc. to USP, made from DURAN® tubing, Pack = 10 pcs. All volumetric flasks are delivered with batch number and enclosed one batch certificate per packing unit of the manufacturer

Volumetric flasks 25 ml - 3 664 003 W
Volumetric flasks 25 ml

Volumetric flasks, 25 ml, class A, with ST-PE-stoppers, ST 10/19, conformity certified white graduation

Volumetric flasks 50 ml - 3 664 005 W
Volumetric flasks 50 ml

Volumetric flasks, 50 ml, DIN-A, conformity certified, ring marks, inscription, ST-PE-stopper, ST 12/21, white graduation