Information for contracts in e-commerce

(Art. 246 c EGBGB)

1. Technical steps leading to the conclusion of a contract

The following steps will explain in details how you can release a purchase order. Please read this explanation carefully before the purchase.

– Please register at our web shop and create an account.

– Nonbindingly, choose articles from our range of products.

When you found the desired product from our range of goods you can nonbindingly add the item to your order list by selecting the desired quantity in the field which is directly at the product site and clicking on the button “Add to shopping cart”.

If you nonbindingly want to view the current content of your order list you can find it in the “Shopping cart” next to your account name. The stated address is the delivery address. Should this differ from your billing address, it must be added either in your account settings or in the next step before the actual purchase order. As soon as all data is specified you can click on “Checkout”. On the following site you receive an overview over your chosen products and your specifications.

–Deleting or changing of purchase orders or your data

If you want to change your order you can navigate back to the shopping cart by clicking on “Change” and modify the previous form respectively. If you want to change the quantity of an item please choose the desired quantity in the intended field and click on “Checkout” again.

In case you want to delete all or individual products from your order list, you can either delete each position by clicking on the button “X” or by logging out from our web shop.

– Placing and completing of purchase orders

When you want to complete the purchase order please read our GTC and our Data privacy statement. Furthermore before sending the order, you need to confirm the acceptance of our GTC and the data privacy statement.
When you found all desired products and chose and checked the respective quantities, you can nonbindingly charge us with the execution of your order by clicking on the button “Send order”.

– Order successfully completed

If the purchase order was sent you receive a confirmation about the receipt of your order to the in your account stated a-mail address.
This means you receive an electronic confirmation for your order.

2. Saving of the wording of the contract through the seller (and the buyer)

The data required for the execution of the contract between you and us will be saved by us and are accessible to you at any time. Insofar, we refer to the regulations of our data privacy statement in our GTC. During the order transactions, you have the possibility to save the wording of the contract and the instructions as PDF-file.

3. Identification of input errors and their correction

Possible input errors before the sending of your purchase order can be corrected curing the input of the purchase order. Should the order be already sent, you can send an e-mail to and correct your order.

4. For the conclusion of the contract available languages

For the conclusion of the contract available languages are German and English.

5. Code of conduct

We are not subject to any special and precedingly not mentioned codes of conduct.