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Salons 2018

14.03. Lab-Supply Frankfurt (GER)
18.-21.03. Arablab Dubai (UAE)
10.-13.04. Analytica Munich (GER)
09.05. Lab-Supply Leverkusen (GER)
11.-15.06. Achema Frankfurt (GER)
28.06. Lab-Supply Berlin (GER)

Appareils de laboratoire Wisd

With our laboratory devices from Wisd product line we complete our product range to offer our customers everything from a single source. We constantly monitor the quality of our CE devices, because we always want to provide proper equipment for an attractive and competitive price.

During the development of our laboratory equipment, we understand that our customers wish devices that are easy to use, without studying a manual in advance. Therefore our patented control system is based with the simple Jog-Shuttle concept. In each of our digital lab equipment you can find this control concept and our laboratory instruments can operate immediately without error. For more information about our digital control system please click here.

All witeg WISD devices are designed, engineered and certified in Germany according to the highest quality standards to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our in-house technical development process, the use of the highest quality components and German product inspection standards ensure superior quality and reliability.
To meet the high expectations of professional users witeg WISD products are delivered with a quality confirmation and a two year warranty.

We are able to offer

  • Wisd laboratory devices
  • Equipment for laboratory devices

Our Wisd devices cover almost the complete laboratory sector and are separated in the following product groups:

Autoklave WisdAutoklave

Water bath / Oil bath WisdWater bath
Oil bath

Bath circulator WisdBath circulator


Refrigerator WisdRefrigerator

Incubator WisdIncubator

Vacuum oven

Schüttelapparat Rotator MixerRocker
Vortex Mixer
Orbital Shaker
Reciprocating Shaker



Homogenizer WisdHomogenizer

Transilluminator / Gel Doc. SystemTransilluminator
Gel Doc. System

Magnetic stirrerMagnetic stirrer

Overhead stirrerOverhead stirrer
Jar tester

Ultrasonic cleanerUltrasonic cleaner

Hotplate WisdHotplate

Muffle furnance WisdMuffle furnance

Heating mantlesHeating mantles

Dry bathDry bath

Balance Moisture AnalyzerBalance
Moisture Analyzer

Laminar Flow Clean Bench WisdLaminar Flow Clean Bench

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