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Fairs 2018

14.03. Lab-Supply Frankfurt (GER)
18.-21.03. Arablab Dubai (UAE)
10.-13.04. Analytica Munich (GER)
09.05. Lab-Supply Leverkusen (GER)
11.-15.06. Achema Frankfurt (GER)
28.06. Lab-Supply Berlin (GER)

Plate Stand ST200 H-type rod ø23x1200mm plate 39x up to 75cm

Plate Stand ST200 H-type rod ø23x1200mm plate 39x up to 75cm

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Component of:

  • DHWOS01072
    Overhead stirrer Set with Impeller+Clamp+Stand dig. 60L 50-1.000rpm


Order-No.: DHWOS501520 222,57 € for 1 piece plus VAT (19%) plus shipping costs
Deluxe safety stand
type ST200
stand base 390 x up to 750 mm
rod 1200 x 23 mm

Accessory of:

  • DHWOS01015
    Overhead stirrer dig. 10L 200-3.000rpm
  • DHWOS01025
    Overhead stirrer dig. 20L 200-3.000rpm
  • DHWOS01035
    Overhead stirrer dig. FernController 10L 200-3.000rpm
  • DHWOS01045
    Overhead stirrer dig. ext. Cont. 20L 200-3.000rpm
  • DHWOS01051
    Overhead stirrer dig. 40L 50-1.000rpm
  • DHWOS01071
    Overhead stirrer dig. 60L 50-1.000rpm
  • DHWOS01210
    Overhead stirrer analog 10L 200-3.000rpm
  • DHWOS01215
    Overhead stirrer analog 20L 200-3.000rpm
  • DHWOS01251
    Overhead stirrer analog 40L 50-1.000rpm
  • DHWOS01271
    Overhead stirrer analog 60L 50-1.000rpm